Aurora IT Systems is Sweden's number one data recovery company and also has a second company that markets LCD flat screens internationally. They are located just north of Stockholm and offer summer jobs for motivated young people who are looking to get work experience in the IT field, as well as develop their social skills along the way.


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Post your job ad here! POST A JOB NOW! Got a question? We're here to help. Send us an email at or call us at +46 (0)8 5333 2777. Job Searching Just Got Easy.

Find a job in sweden

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JobServe is the best place to find Sweden jobs. Mission : job sweden ! MISSION JOB SWEDEN : HOW TO FIND A JOB IN SWEDEN. Basically, there is no big difference when looking for a job here or somewhere else in Europe. Despite the language, of course. One of the main obstacles for finding a job here is : not speaking Swedish. Yeah, because unfortunately, and it’s normal… as we are in Sweden Try to find out if there are friends, family, acquaintances or perhaps old colleagues who have connections to Sweden if you want to find the job on the other side of the Sound.

Red Bull Sweden.

Finding a job in Sweden. In Sweden you can seek employment at any of Arbetsförmedlingen's (the Swedish public employment service) offices across the 

Namely areas like communications, design, the arts and even retail. This is where you will find our open positions at SSC. Open application Subscribe Sign or Sign up.

Do you want to come in contact with the best international candidates in Sweden? Post your Got Easy. Find your next job in Sweden here at Work in Sweden.

Look in the classifieds for available positions and/or post an ad with your profile. Your employer in Sweden initiates the work permit application by completing an offer of employment. Your employer needs information about your name, date of … How to find a job in Sweden (in English) In this webinar you will learn how to find a job in Sweden: how to use and expand your network online and offline, the basics when applying for a job and what organizations you can turn to. It may also be helpful to search for jobs using the Swedish job title in order to find more results.

Find a job in sweden

The EURES website is also a good source of information when looking for work in Sweden.
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Jobbsafari is available in all  4 Apr 2018 How to find jobs in Sweden – in 5 steps · Browse job registries, like the one on Arbetsförmedlingen or Jobbsafari, for job offers · Join groups on  Swedish jobs for expats and foreigners willing to relocate within Europe. Find Swedish speaking jobs and start your career abroad.

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Jobs. Finding a job in Sweden can be a challenge, especially for foreigners. Our job guide provides information about job searches, contracts and working conditions. Look in the classifieds for available positions and/or post an ad with your profile.

Here comes some help to find work in Sweden without Swedish 1. (Food) delivery jobs. A job that doesn’t require any specific skills, you just need a bike, moped, motorbike, or a 2. Driver jobs. If parcels cause you headaches, opt for driver jobs. You meet new people and could even practise 🤝 What companies are hiring for english speaking jobs in Sweden? The top companies hiring now for english speaking jobs are Accenture , Volvo Cars , Academic Work , Liberis , Ericsson-Worldwide , FedEx Express EU , Klarna , SalesOnly , Google , APPRL An advice from former international students who did find job in Sweden is to get a foot in the door.