What looks to be the daytime running lights are actually classed as the side lights when So when everything is installed the "running lights" will not be turned.



Wiring problems, especially inside the headlight, can also cause a headlight to stop working. Symptoms. One headlight doesn't work 2011-11-28 2019-03-06 What does “Dipped Headlight” even mean? Simply put, “Dipped Headlight” is Audi-speak for “there is … 2016-10-28 Re: headlight left hand side not working on dipped « Reply #8 on: October 04, 2013, 07:08:22 PM » hi all have tried replacing light switch in car and plug on back done nothing at all getting really angry now can any one think of why on a x reg mk2 tdi 115,, F/N/S headlight will not work checked all bulbs connectors switches wires that I can see and it still keeps blowing the fuse when I put Front Left Dipped Beam Not Working Vw Vortex Volkswagen Forum. Fuse Box Volkswagen Cc. Troubleshoot Headlights.

Dipped headlights not working

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MBC. Hey guys, hope somebody can help me out. 2016 Kadjar; last night the dipped headlights just went off. Interior panel/dash started going light and dim and then stopped. Sat nav went from night to day, back to night. Rear lights are on ok. Dipped lights not working whether in auto or manual. Main beam works ok.

have a 2008 polo 1.9tdi. went to drive home last night, side lights worked, full beam also, but normal driving lights would not come on. More electrical problems .


Got in the  Feb 5, 2015 Full/or flash beam working and fog lights working, so I check the fuses. I'm confused what fuse it is, the handbook isn't great IMO. If anyone can  Aug 13, 2015 we've had the problem of sidelights working but no dipped beam headlights for quite a while. my husband has checked fuses, replaced headlight  Often that will turn them back on again. Try the headlight switch a few times.

Not sure how readable the following extract from the wiring diagram will be when posyted on here, but I've picked out the headlight circuits: There's a Blue wire from Pin 87 of the lighting relay (and confusingly also a Blue on Pin 86!) which feeds the central terminal of the Main/Dipped switch.

Main beam, flash and side light all ok. Both dipped beam bulbs not working.

Dipped headlights not working

If a headlight fuse blows, it could cause the headlights to stop working.
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#1 Report Thread starter 8 years ago #1 I've HEADLIGHTS NOT WORKING FIX - YouTube.

Dipped headlights not working. MikeR.
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Its lights have stopped working. Not all though. I have side lights and full beam but no dipped beam lights(2 position on switch). I find it weird full beam works as it shares same bulb as dipped lights.